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I am the Lead Instructor for Anatomy & Physiology at CCC (Flagstaff, Arizona). I moved from eastern Colorado in 2006 and am excited to be part of the CCC family.

I have been described as a tough but fair instructor. I will do my best to help you learn the material in my classes, but I expect the same level of commitment from you.

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I grew up wanting to be a physician. I attended 2 years at the Creighton U. School of Medicine before I decided that - as much as I enjoyed medicine - I enjoyed teaching medicine more. My clinical background has helped me in teaching the courses that many allied health students take to prepare for their respective programs.

I became certified as an EMT-Basic to strengthen my clinical knowledge and improve my hands-on skills. It’s been a blast.

I’ve researched a variety of allied-health fields, so would be happy to advise if you have questions.

I grew up on the edge of the Baby Boomer generation, which is apparent when you hear the tunes in my office or witness my interest in tie-dying.

I’ve been involved in the Relay for Life and the Climb to Conquer Cancer, fundraising event for the American Cancer Society (raising money and awareness for cancer research and patient support).

I made it a point to get involved in civic events in previous cities and look forward to learning what I can do in Flagstaff.

 Outdoors hiking

When I’m not teaching or grading, I try to get outdoors as much as possible. I’m already discovering many of the local hiking & biking trails and golf courses.

I spend most of my summers traveling, visiting family and friends all over the country.  I try to discover new bike trails and golf courses each year.

On my summer road-trips, I've enjoyed finding amazing brewpubs to learn from in my home-brewing hobby.

I have been a member of HAPS (Human Anatomy & Physiology Society) since 1999.  This is a group of A&P educators (at all levels of education) who share a passion for helping people understand how the body works.

HAPS holds an annual conference in May every year in a different city.  It's a great opportunity to get together with 400 of my closest friends and make 100 more, sharing stories, teaching tips, ideas, and activities.   Check out our website.

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My philosophy for my students is simple. My classes aren’t easy, but they are rewarding. I’ll make you work, but you’ll gain a respect for the material and an appreciation for how it relates to every aspect of your life.

I try to make my classes as fun and active as possible. Students know to expect various “guest lecturers” in class, such as Charles Darwin, Robert Hooke, and Jimi Hendrix. One of the greatest influences on my teaching is Teacher as Actor by Morris Burns & Porter Woods.

My students are rarely bored and they never miss a class!

I grew up in central Montana, which I dearly loved. I’ve been fortunate to live in several parts of the country throughout my life, gaining something from each location. I’m excited to be part of such a vibrant community as Flagstaff, Arizona.

I was a college and graduate student for 15 years, earning a B.S. in Biology (Carroll College), M.S. in Biology (U. of Nebraska at Omaha), and M.S. in Zoology (Colorado State U.). I know what life as a student is like and work with my students for success.

I consider myself a life-long learnerI challenge you to learn something new today.

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