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JayDoc Histology Website:

  • This website, created by the Kansas University School of Medicine, has many, very good histology images. This is a great way to review different tissues and organ systems.

Protein Ballet:

  • A group at Harvard created this 5-minute animation that shows the movement of a leukocyte from the blood stream into surrounding tissues, demonstrating the various organelles that work to perform this action. See how many of intracellular structures you can identify.

Test strategies:

  • This page discusses the various types of questions that are found on my exams and suggestions for studying for and for successfully completing these questions.

Cult Classic Literature:

  • This is a list of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that apply to certain topics covered in Anatomy & Physiology. If you are curious about one or more of these fields, these books might be of interest to you.


  • This is a list of websites that pertain to various topics in Anatomy & Physiology.
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