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While CCC Library Services may not have physical books on campus, we do have hundreds of ebooks available to support your students’ research. You can direct your students towards specific books by adding them into your Canvas course shell.

Before you add an EBSCO ebook to your course, you need to obtain a direct, permanent link to it.

To find a permanent link to an EBSCO ebook:

Locate the book that you would like to include in your Canvas course using our EBSCO ebook search. From either the ebook itself or the Detailed Record page, find the Permalink button under the Tools menu on the right-hand side of the page. Ebsco1.pngCopy the URL provided by the Permalink button.


To add your ebook to your course:

Go into the Modules section of your Canvas course. Click on the “+ Add Content” button of the options feature of the module in which you would like to include an ebook.


Chose “External Tool” as the kind of content you would like to add.

Paste the URL you copied earlier for the ebook into the URL field. Name the link whatever you like; using the same name as the ebook is recommended. Then click Add Item.


And that’s it! The ebook will now be available in your course.




Contact your CCC Librarian, Nick Faulk, at or 928-226-4369, if you need assistance with selecting ebooks or adding them to your course.

Ebsco ebooks are a great resource for you and for your students, but we typically recommend that you offer them as a supplement for research or as optional reading. This is because only one CCC user can read an Ebsco ebook at a time. For this reason, Ebsco ebooks typically cannot substitute textbooks.

If you would like to make an entire EBSCO ebook required reading for your student, then it is strongly recommended that you use an ebook where multiple users can read it at once. In the interest of leveraging our limited budget towards obtaining as wide an array of ebooks as possible, CCC Library Services typically only obtains single copies of ebooks. Multiple user upgrades to our current ebooks would have to be purchased with departmental funds or course fees in most circumstances. Contact your CCC Librarian, Nick Faulk, at or 928-226-4369, for more information about this.

If you only need your students to read a chapter or a selection from a particular book, you can always create a PDF of the selection from a print copy of the book or the ebook copy of the book. Contact your CCC Librarian, Nick Faulk, at or 928-226-4369, if you need assistance with this.


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