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Digitized streaming films are available at CCC!

CCC Library Services is able to provide thousands of educational and popular films originally on DVD and VHS as digital streaming copies for use in your Canvas course shell. Any film owned physically by NAU Cline Library is available for your use, and we are able to purchase and stream additional films on a case-by-case basis.

Digitized streaming media allows you to fully replicate the in-class assignment of watching part or all of a film in your online or blended class. It also allows you to take advantage of technology in traditional classes by assigning films as homework and using class time for other purposes. If you prefer to show your films in class, you can use a streaming file of a film so you do not have to go check out a DVD or hunt down a VHS player. The majority of instructions who used digitized streaming media in the 2012-2013 school year reported that students are more likely to watch assigned films when it is available, and Library Services has found that students watch digitized streaming media substantially more frequently than they check out physical media on Course Reserve.

To start, choose which DVD or VHS film(s) you would like to have digitized by checking the media catalog at Cline Library Again, films that Cline owns can occasionally be purchased and made available, but we ask that you look and see if Cline’s current offerings can meet your needs before requesting them.

After you know what you would like, please send an email to with the name of the films you would like, the class in which you would like to use the films, and by when the films needs to be available.


Making digitized streaming films accessible to students

Once you have received notice that your digital copy of a film has been placed in your course, you will still need to make it accessible to your students. The easiest way to do this is by providing a direct link to it from a course content page or a module. 

Adding films to course pages

You can link to a film on a content page using the “insert content” tool. Just find it under the files tab in the videos folder and click on the name of the film.

Streaming 1.PNG

Streaming 2.PNG

Adding films to Modules

You can add a film link to a module by clicking on the “+ Add Content” button of the options feature of the module in which you would like to include the film. 


Then, change the content type to “file” and find your film in the list that pops up as a result.

Streaming 3.PNG