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While CCC Library Services may not have physical books on campus, we do have hundreds of ebooks available to support your students’ research. You can direct your students towards specific books by adding them into your Canvas course shell.

Before you add an Credo Reference ebook to your course, you need to obtain a direct, permanent link to it.

To find a permanent link to a Credo Reference ebook:

Locate the book that you would like to include in your Canvas course using Credo Reference. Click on the Find a Book link in the menu bar on the top of the page to browse all ebooks.


From the ebook’s Table of Contents, copy the URL out of the address bar of your browser.


In Notepad or another word document, paste the URL, and then paste in front of your link. For example, This must be included; your students will not be able to access the ebook from off campus without it.


To add your ebook to your course:

Go into the Modules section of your Canvas course. Click on the “+ Add Content” button on the options feature of the module in which you would like to include an ebook.


Chose “External Tool” as the kind of content you would like to add.

Paste the URL you copied earlier for the ebook into the URL field. Name the link whatever you like; using the same name as the ebook is recommended. Then click Add Item.


And that’s it! The ebook will now be available in your course.


Contact your CCC Librarian, Nick Faulk, at or 928-226-4369, if you need assistance with selecting ebooks or adding them to your course.